• Shot size 1-48 ounces for small to large parts
  • 40-660 ton clamping force ensures maximum production efficiency
  • Up to 48” by 48” platen size accommodates most designs
  • High performance polymers and commodity resins
  • Molding, insert molding and assembly for turnkey production

Aero-Plastics injection molding experts will assist you with your molding projects including insert molding and other value-added services.  We specialize in injection molding PEEK, Ultem and other high-performance engineered resins, in addition to commodity resins such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, ABS, Nylons.  As experts in high performance polymers and engineered resins, we can provide guidance on material upon request. All tooling is built to Class 103, 102 and 101 industry standards.

Highly efficient heating and cooling to ensure part uniformity and quality

Injection molding tolerances are directly related to the material to be molded, part size and part geometry. All parts and tolerances are reviewed on a case by case basis during quoting and we utilize a “Design for Manufacture” process to align project goal to manufacturing methods. In order to provide the best value our experts work with you to align the tolerances and the part / assembly objectives. Over specified tolerances can increase project costs and our objective is to provide excellent value awhile achieving product quality objectives. For tight tolerance parts, we can combine molding with post mold machining operations.  Aero-Plastics is on the Boeing QPL for all types and classes of molded parts and an approved molder on the D14426 for BAC 5321 class II injection molded parts.

Aero-Plastics Injection Molding Tolerance Objectives:

  1. The material used dictates the tolerances that can be maintained
  2. Size and part geometry also influence the tolerances
  3. Aero-Plastics reviews all injection molded quotes to ensure the part quality and objectives can be delivered
  4. Aero-Plastics utilizes a “Design for Manufacture” process to attain part quality
  5. In cases of very tight tolerances, post-molding machining processes can be used

Adherence to our quality system is the foundation of our mantra “Driven by Dependability” and the leading reason that our customers keep coming back. We are one of only 5 companies in the world that have earned the Boeing Performance Excellence Award every year for 12 consecutive years since its inception in 2007.  We provide all our customers this same award-winning level of quality, service, satisfaction and dependability.

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