• World class provider of plastic products to the aerospace industry since 1945
  • AS9100:2016 Rev D certification ensures highest quality operational controls
  • DPD/MBD certification (digital product definition/model-based definition) ensures that digital data is properly maintained
  • Broad range of capabilities including injection molding, CNC machining and value-added services 

Ongoing development of new high strength, high durability polymers and engineered resins has contributed greatly to the increased use of plastic parts and components in the aerospace industry.  These high performance materials are lighter in weight than aluminum and other metals, enabling aircraft manufacturers to increase fuel efficiency while improving quality and reducing maintenance.

Aero-Plastics is an AS9100:2016 Rev D certified manufacturer of injection molded and non-metallic machined components for the Aerospace industry.  Since 1945, we have been on the forefront of the technology evolution in plastics manufacturing and have collaborated with aerospace companies in projects from prototype design to production.  Our experts can work with your team to ensure your design will perform for your specific application.

Our quality system is second to none, allowing us to consistently provide products that meet customer needs and regulatory requirements.  With a thorough state-of-the-art “cradle to grave” documentation system, Aero-Plastics has direct traceability of the delivered components. The documentation process includes material selection, complete manufacturing, and packaging for every part produced.

Our standard is meeting your quality requirements on time, in the right quantity and with the proper documentation – every time.

Adherence to our quality system is the foundation of our mantra “Driven by Dependability” and the leading reason that our customers keep coming back. We are one of only five companies in the world that have earned the Boeing Performance Excellence Award every year for 13 consecutive years since its inception in 2007. We provide all our customers this same award-winning level of quality, service, satisfaction and dependability.

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