• Serving the needs of high performance regulated markets, such as energy, communications and transportation
  • Certified Quality Management System:  AS9100:2016 Rev D and ISO13485:2016
  • Broad range of services including injection molding, CNC machining and value-added services

Aero-Plastics produces machined nonmetallic and injection molded components that meet your most stringent requirements. We are certified AS9100:2016 Rev D and ISO13485:2016. Our experience and quality system allow us to take on the most demanding and complex parts in highly regulated markets.

We specialize in providing the highest quality CNC milling and injection molding using high performance polymers and engineered resins. We also offer a host of other capabilities and services, including anodizing, assembly, engraving, heat treating, painting, ultrasonic inserts and welding, powder coating.

Adherence to our quality system is the foundation of our mantra “Driven by Dependability” and the leading reason that our customers keep coming back. We are one of only 5 companies in the world that have earned the Boeing Performance Excellence Award every year for 12 consecutive years since its inception in 2007.  We provide all our customers this same award-winning level of quality, service, satisfaction and dependability.

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